Late-Night Hong Kong Chef Eats 2019

When they emerge from their kitchens battered and bruised after hours of taming fire and creating magic, chefs need to eat too. We asked our elite stable of culinary wizards where they get their late-night fix and here are the results.


It is rare to find good okonomiyaki in Hong Kong, but Kozy in Causeway Bay hits the spot and serves up excellent savoury pancakes and wagyu beef till the wee hours. Hoff and Soju in Wan Chai is also great for late-night Korean fried chicken.

Daniel Calvert, BELON

After service, the team and I head to Cheung Lee on Triangle Street in Wan Chai. This institution has been around since the fifties, serving up seasonal stir-frys and seafood. Another great spot is Chiu Chow Wah Marinated Goose or for later in the night, Top Grade Hot Pot in Tin Hau is open till 3am. Order the local beef shoulder and sashimi of live kanpachi.

Jowett Yu, Ho Lee Fook

I like going to Wah Lam Noodle Restaurant after work because it is quick and conveniently located on the way to my bus stop. I love this dark broth style of brisket noodles. They are famous for the fragrant chilli oil that they sell for $250 a jar. I also love Koi Kei, a seafood dai pai dong on Bowrington Road, Wan Chai. You can sit outside and choose from the tanks of live fish and seafood. It is close to where we work, so we like to head down there to unwind after service.

Bao La, Le Garçon Saigon

When we have late-night gatherings with our teams outside of work, a popular choice is always hot pot. Hot Pot Land in Central is open till 3am. There is a choice of one or multiple broths, and if you go multiple, one will probably be a fiery chilli version. It is an all-you-can-eat extravaganza of sliced meats, veggies and some other random bits ‘n’ bobs. Make your own dipping sauce and customise it the way you want. It is cheap and filling.

Billy Otis, Black Sheep Restaurants

I love to take my team to Under Bridge Spicy Crab in Causeway Bay, which is open really late, or Ming Ming Cart Noodles in Wan Chai. Sometimes we venture out to Deep Water Bay for BBQ.

Charrinn Singdaechakarn (Noom), Soul Food Thai

I am kind of new in town, and I am more of an early riser than a night owl, but everyone talks about this 3am dim sum spot in Kennedy Town so I had to check it out. This infamous spot, Sun Hing Restaurant, always delivers and is a fun mix of old people and drunk uni students, serving classic dim sum the old-fashioned way, straight out of bamboo steamers.

Angie Ford, Buenos Aires Polo Club

These days I always head to Hotal Colombo post-service to enjoy the Beef Chilli Fry and Hoppers or String Hoppers with Kiri Hodi – the spicy chilli and onion chutney. Nothing is more satisfying!

Palash Mitra, New Punjab Club

My go-to has got to be Burger Circus for a late-night cheeseburger and fries with a beer after service. It is open till 3am at weekends.

Tony Ferreira, Black Sheep Restaurants


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