Chefs’ Last Meals

Deciding on a death row dinner has been a long-time favourite game amongst chefs. We asked five of ours what their last supper would be. For some, the decision is driven by nostalgia, while others choose to go out in style and excess, but either way, the choice is a show-stopping favourite – a meal to die for.


My last meal would be a surf ‘n’ turf dish called Carpetbag Steak. It was originally a working-class dish from a fishing village called The Mumbles in South Wales, UK. I discovered it when I first started my culinary apprenticeship at the age of 18 and it has been one of my favourite dishes ever since. Traditionally, it is made with scotch fillet (aka ribeye) with oysters stuffed into cuts made in the meat. The flavour of the beef and oysters meld together really well. It became popular in Australia and New Zealand as a luxury surf n’ turf dish in the 60s and 70s but nowadays most people have never heard of it.

-Angie Ford, Buenos Aires Polo Club


My last meal would consist of dishes made by the most important women in my life. My grandma’s spicy sweet potato mash and devilled pork, and my mum’s carrot and cucumber salad.

-Gizzy Alesbrook, Hotal Colombo


If I am tapping out, it is going to be with a bang! Take me to Japan and put me in the hands of the chefs at Sushiso Masa, a non-descript, seven-seat sushi bar in Tokyo. They serve a 35+ piece omakase of incredible seafood with a focus on seasonality. Throw in some sake with their team and it is a proper evening.

-Billy Otis, Black Sheep Restaurants


Quesadilla Super Suiza from El Farolito in San Francisco. This dish is one of the first things I eat when I go home. It has the perfect ratio of carne asada, avocado, queso fresco, even more cheese and a mean salsa verde, all wrapped in an enormous flour tortilla that they crisp up on the plancha before serving.

-Andrée Lefuel, Artemis & Apollo


For my last meal, I would eat a big bone-in ribeye, cooked on charcoal, with all the trimmings. I am talking potatoes roasted in duck fat with crisp little chunks of Parma ham, sautéed beans, maybe even some silky smooth mashed potatoes. I would have it served with black truffle sauce, black pepper sauce, béarnaise, a nice crisp salad and a bottle of Penfolds Grange of any vintage.

-James Harrison, Maison Libanaise


What would be your last meal? Let us know in the comments below. For the answers to more life or death questions, find out if MSG really is bad for you, or discover why chefs wear clogs.

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