About Black Sheep Restaurants

Black Sheep Restaurants is a celebrated Hong Kong-based hospitality group that specialises in developing niche, thought-provoking restaurant concepts that add to the existing culinary dialogue. The company was founded in 2012 by Syed Asim Hussain and Christopher Mark, whom together share decades of experience in hospitality and business development, along with a zest for travel and discovering dining subcultures.

Black Sheep Restaurants curates distinct dining experiences that tell a story about a particular time, place, culture or cuisine while celebrating the bounty of premium ingredients available both locally and from abroad. The group currently boasts a portfolio of 16 restaurants and one bar, Ho Lee Fook, BELON, Buenos Aires Polo Club, Carbone, New Punjab Club, Osteria Marzia, Le Garçon Saigon, Maison Libanaise, Chôm Chôm, Soul Food, Motorino (SoHo and Wan Chai), Le Petit Saigon, Burger Circus, Stazione Novella, La Vache! (SoHo and TST).

About The Founders

A veteran of the hospitality industry, Christopher Mark brings his expertise as a chef and restaurant developer to Black Sheep Restaurants. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Chris developed his culinary skills cooking in exciting places such as Barbados, Shanghai, Sydney and Tokyo. Prior to co-founding Black Sheep Restaurants, Chris was the executive chef at Dining Concepts where he opened many popular restaurants in Hong Kong, including Bistecca and Tango Argentina. An active member of Hong Kong’s culinary community, Chris was elected the secretary for Disciples Escoffier of the Hong Kong Branch for the 2011 – 2012 year and contributes to philanthropic organisations like St. Christopher’s home, where he gives cooking lessons and provides recipes to children from underprivileged backgrounds.


Syed Asim Hussain co-founded Black Sheep Restaurants with an extensive background in restaurant operations and finance. Asim was born in Hong Kong, but spent most of his upbringing in Pakistan. After earning a dual bachelor’s degree in finance and international relations from Carnegie Mellon University, Asim moved to New York City for a position at BNY ConvergEx, a leading investment firm. During his time in New York, he developed a deep interest in the city’s dynamic restaurant scene.
When Asim returned to Hong Kong in 2010, he set out to combine his financial background with his passion for the restaurant industry, taking on a year-long apprenticeship at Dining Concepts before starting Black Sheep Restaurants. When he is not crunching numbers or taking care of guests in his restaurants, Asim loves to travel and is passionate about all things Pakistan, including poetry, politics and cricket.

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