Late-Night Hong Kong Chef Eats

Once guests are done with dinner, then it is the chefs’ chance to eat. After working long shifts in their restaurants, chefs are by nature night owls, and they seek out late-night bites armed with their more advanced culinary knowledge.

If you’re late-night grubbing in Hong Kong, you might see some chefs at their favourite haunts:

Christopher Mark, Black Sheep Restaurants: Loyal Dining on Wellington Street is an ideal place for after work. It has a decent retro atmosphere and ‘soy sauce Western’ cuisine. They do late-night dim sum from 10pm to 4am and a good chop suey with fried egg.

Daniel Calvert, BELON: My go-to post-work respite is Yardbird. It’s on the way back to my apartment, but I’d go out of my way to unwind with their yakitori and refreshing high balls. Also, a lot of my friends work there, so it’s nice to hang with them.

Jowett Yu, Ho Lee Fook: There are a few late-night spots in the city that I enjoy, but sometimes you’re tired and you just want something that is on the way home, so I’ve learned to hack any 7-Eleven in Asia and create a tasty meal at 3am. I call it my ‘7-Eleven Degustation Menu.’ In Hong Kong, I recommend the microwave spaghetti bolognese topped with a tub of kimchi (which you will find in the fridge). Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Bao La, Le Garcon Saigon: The best Korean Fried Chicken in the city is at Chicken HOF & SOJU in Wan Chai. I like to order it with the scallions on the side so that no extra steam is created and the chicken stays super crispy, the coating is almost the texture of cornflakes but the meat stays juicy. If you over order then definitely bring your leftovers home, the skin will still be crispy the next day when you are hungover and eating it straight out of the fridge.

Billy Otis, Carbone: After a busy night in the kitchen and drinks with friends, I sneak out to Ichiran for their tonkotsu ramen. It’s salty, fatty and indulgent, and goes great with a cold beer. It’s a funky setup at a partitioned counter, so out-of-town friends always get a kick out of it.

Felipe Lopez, Buenos Aires Polo Club: I like to hit the food stalls around where I live in Sheung Wan. Those are some of the hidden gems in Hong Kong and bring you back to a time before all the fancy restaurants. Whether you are having Nepalese or Indian or some kick ass Shanghai-style dumplings, they hardly ever let you down.

James Harrison, Maison Libanaise: Hands down Bakudan-Ya. It’s the best Japanese fried chicken I’ve had in my life, and fried chicken is the ultimate late-night food. They also have a crazy delicious potato salad. I have developed a system of dunking: ponzu, Kewpie mayo then potato salad.

Tony Ferreira, La Vache!: ‘Late-night’ translates to  ‘fried chicken,’ right? Edition  is a kickass Korean hamburger bar, but don’t ignore their fried chicken. With a beer.

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