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Did you know that we are giving delivery guests access to an hour-long playlist every time you order, so you can bring a little more of our restaurant magic to your sofa? Here are five of our favourites but to collect the rest you’ll just have to order in


Hotal Colombo – Spicy Karis and Spicier Beats listen here 

Inspired by the casual eateries that spill onto the streets all over Colombo, our Sri Lankan canteen has all the hits and a playlist that never stops delivering the goods. The music at Hotal Colombo transports you to the party with Calypso, Sri Lankan and French Creole feel-good songs that share a common thread: highly rhythmic and harmonic vocals. Rally your bruthas and sistas for a night of spicy plates and even spicier beats. Fire it up, machan!


Ho Lee Fook – Dumplings and Dad Rock listen here

Down at the funky Chinese kitchen, lights are low and beats are dropped with the coolest crew in the 852. Dig into OG classics from Chef Jow and the gang. Adding a personal note to the playlist, Chef Jow marries his love for old school hip hop with Dad rock and 80s and 90s pop for a little nod to the good old days.


Carbone – Rigatoni and Rat Pack  listen here

A meal at Carbone is an experience unlike any other, travelling back in time to the glitz and glam of 1950s New York, with all the red sauce juggernaut’s flair echoed by the croons of musical icons. The Carbone at home playlist features a blend of swing and jazz from Southern Italy from singers like Renato Caroscone, as well as New York-Italian ‘Rat Pack’ hits and all the Frank Sinatra you can handle, harking back to the glorious excess of a world long gone. They just don’t make them like they used to.


Chôm Chôm – VFC and R&B listen here

From the hippest stoop in the city comes the dopest beats in your kitchen. Turn the volume up for a party, Hanoi style. Nostalgic in its essence, the playlist aims to leave those who grew up in 90s feeling a pinch of their teen years, shining when hip-hop is blasting out and dipping into days on the dancefloor. Get ready for hip-hop and R&B classics blended with some indie and pop-rock, think Black Eyed Peas meets Foster The People. The gang at SoHo’s bia hoi bar and kitchen has fired up its woks so all you need to do is fire up your stereo.


Artemis & Apollo – Taramasalata and Taverna Tunes listen here 

Apollo, god of music amongst other things, has outdone himself with his finest playlist yet. Music at Artemis & Apollo is about emphasising the conviviality of Greek Taverna dinners shared with friends, and fuelled by Ouzo. Pair Apollo’s choice of Laïka and Rebetika Greek music with an order from our Athenian taverna and indulge in your inner god/goddess in the comfort of your home.


Hungry for more? Order from any of our restaurants via GO and receive the QR codes to all our favourite hits. 

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