Our PLATED Dinner Series Is Back This Winter

With the seasons changing and the mercury dropping, there is no better remedy than a sizzling one-pot stew or cheesy plate of pure comfort carbs to ease the chills and warm you up on a winter day.

This month, we are excited to welcome back PLATED, a value-driven dinner series offered only on Mondays and Tuesdays, giving free reign to our chefs to flex their creative muscles and experiment with the season’s peak produce. With tantalising one-off menus, PLATED is here to take the edge off the beginning of your work week and break up the routine of hum-drum early week dinners.

Rotating restaurants every season, the new PLATED series highlights comforting winter warmers from the all-star chefs at Carbone, Chôm Chôm and Hotal Colombo, and is now open for bookings.

‘Comfort Club’ at Carbone

True to the spirit of Italian indulgence, winter is synonymous with comfort fare all around Italy, from the coast to the big cities: think plates piled high with fresh pasta, roasted meats crowned with glorious herbs, and melted favourites blanketed in bubbling, browned mozzarella. Head Chef Jack Carson is bringing out all the bells and whistles this season with a gut-busting early week feast at Carbone sure to cure any Monday blues.

Classic recipes shine in a PLATED menu that kicks off with Carbone’s signature antipasti, followed by Beets Siciliano, the vibrant ruby-red vegetable tossed through with a medley of fresh herbs and a smack of citrus. Next, tuck into a rendition of an Italian classic, Pork Chop & Peppers, colourfully topped with peppers both piquant and sweet. For an extra festive end to the meal, grab a forkful of the Ferrero Rocher Cake, a show-stopping confection to satisfy sweet tooths partial to chocolate and hazelnut.

‘Bia Hoi Winter Nights’ at Chôm Chôm

Over at Chôm Chôm, Chef John Nguyen gets your week off to a flying start with soul-warming winter dishes brimming with the flavours of Vietnam. When the cold hits, a steaming bowl of pho is an instant cure-all; for PLATED’s winter series, Chef John bends the familiar flavour profile into two must-try variations: Chôm Chôm’s signature Pho Rolls wrapped in delicate rice paper with a crispy shallot and garlic topping; and a brand new Pho Ga, with slippery noodles and tender local yellow chicken swimming in a complex layered broth.

Stroll through Hanoi in winter and the sizzling sound of crêpes on the griddle can be heard on every street corner. Chef John reinvents the turmeric-laced winter warmer, Bánh Xèo with a melted cheese filling and roasted heirloom tomatoes. Crispy Sole Fillet Paper Rolls offers a study in contrasting textures for another crowd-pleasing addition, while Charred Gai Lan in Curry packs in the flavour and heat to spice up the start of your work week. For just $288 per person, the early week meal savoured on SoHo’s favourite stoop is a sure-fire way to warm up your winter.

‘Street Food, Soul Food’ at Hotal Colombo

Come with a hearty appetite to Hotal Colombo’s PLATED feast, a riot of bold flavours, spices and sumptuous stews nodding to the street food scene of Colombo. Fragrant and buttery, Bone Marrow Varuval brings a beloved Sri Lankan dish to the cosy pink canteen, the unctuous sauce is best sopped up with swaths of homemade flatbread. Next, dip into a special on the PLATED menu, delicate and lacy String Hoppers, offering a blank canvas for creamy, coconut-boosted kiri hodi and a side of grated pol sambol for a refreshing contrast.

Hankering for comfort carbs? Chef Gizzy’s Chilli Potato Fry elevates the hotal staple into a crispy, salty and starchy delight, smothered in creamy hot mayo and drizzled with lime. For the star of the show, save room for another PLATED exclusive, Lamb Kari, with succulent chunks of meat bathed in a rich sauce teeming with spices. Temper the heavy flavours and get in your greens with a forkful of fresh coconut and warming spices in the Cabbage Mallum, and wash it all down with an ice-cold beer for an extra-indulgent Monday meal.

Learn more about our PLATED winter series here and reserve these exclusive menus before the season ends.

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