Our PLATED Dinner Series Returns For Autumn

We are excited to welcome back PLATED, our value-driven dinner series only on Monday and Tuesdays, for another season. This exclusive dinner series is a chance for our chefs to flex their creative muscles, experiment with new ingredients and introduce off-menu dishes inspired by seasonal produce.

As the edge finally starts to come off the humidity and the kids head back to school, there is a distinct freshness in the air and the new autumn series is here just in time to perk up the start of your week with a variety of autumnal suppers offered at unbeatable value on Mondays and Tuesdays, letting you ease back into the working week after languid weekends at the beach.

Officially kicking off on 20 September and running through the end of November, the series features all-new menus available at Associazione Chianti, Fukuro and Maison Libanaise.

Toscana at Associazione Chianti

It is impossible to eat badly in Tuscany, and when autumn arrives, the seasonal produce truly sparkles. Chef Josh Stumbaugh creates trattoria magic with his Toscana menu featuring the classic dish of Ribollita, a hearty Tuscan soup that traditionally uses sourdough, cannellini beans, kale and other humble vegetables elevated to so much more than the sum of their parts, an ethos always at the heart of cucina povera cooking.

In Italy, the jewel of the fall is always the fragrant truffle; Chef Stumbaugh shaves these generously over buttery tagliatelle only while the season lasts. This is followed by the Controfiletto Con L’osso; a thick-cut, bone-in striploin house dry-aged for an intense meaty flavour. No meal is complete without a little dolce, so to finish, Necci, a simple dessert especially popular around the region’s chestnut festival, consists of a chestnut flour crepe filled with ricotta and drizzled with chestnut honey.

Aki at Fukuro

The changing of the seasons in Japan is always cause for celebration and an appreciation for what this change brings in both the landscape and the markets. Cooler autumn waters mean that saba mackerel is fatty and in season. Fukuro will serve this new seasonal delight dressed in a smoky bonito & onion dressing, with young Japanese ginger for a fresh bite to cut through the richness of the fish. Also new and full of fall flavours is the Kobacha Pumpkin and Mozzarella Croquette served with smoked potato dashi.

These are matched with our izakaya favourites, including the ever-popular Spinach Ohitashi, a signature spinach and sesame dish, golden-fried Spicy Chicken Karaage, and the Crab Udon that pairs perfectly chewy udon noodles with Hokkaido snow crab.

Fête d’Automne at Maison Libanaise

The months towards the end of the year is when dining on the roof of Maison Libanaise is at its most exceptional. In this twinkling oasis above the maddening crowds of SoHo, take in the breeze while feasting on the chef’s newest creations. The Fête d’Automne menu starts with the new Whipped Feta, creamy whipped cheese with smoked honey and pine nuts alongside the popular mezze spread of warm pita, Maison’s signature Hummus Bil Tahini and the classic Barley and Halloumi salad.

The main event and new for autumn is the Samke Lubieh, a lightly spiced, crispy snapper fillet served with sugar snap peas and a Beiruti pesto, as well as the Shisk Taouk, a perennial favourite of chargrilled chicken with sumac-grilled tomatoes and toum. Lastly, linger over the new Mouhalabieh, a sweet, comforting milk pudding with golden raisins, pistachios, orange blossom syrup.


Learn more about our PLATED autumn series here and reserve this exclusive menu before the season ends.

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