Best seat in the house | Wyndham Street | Part 1

It is a well-known secret that there is always one table in every restaurant that has a little more magic than all the others. Closest to the kitchen? Panoramic views? Cosiest corner for romantic dates? For whatever reason and by whatever design, one table always seems to stand out, so this time around we asked our Wyndham Street crew for the secrets behind their favourite spots, including hot tips for our latest opening. 


Seats 41- 45 – Rebecca at Crown Super Deluxe

Stepping into the main dining room of Crown Super Deluxe is like taking a trip back in time, a lush sensory experience that transports you to 60s Tokyo. Immediately met by the bold, circular teppan counter in the middle of the room, which has a self-centralised exhaust system to remain cool throughout dinner, all seats offer prime views of the chefs’ performances, but 41 to 45 might just claim top spot. I imagine this is where high rollers and thrillseekers would gaze out, chasing their dreams and gambling on dares over dinner. We call this area ‘the hot pocket’. OK, not really but I have a feeling a name will be born over the next few weeks as we begin to understand guests’ reactions and experiences. Away from the bathroom, and window-adjacent, these seats add an urban element to the grandeur of the space, with a glorious view of the comings-and-goings of the dining room. Plus, it has some of the best lighting for all those moments you know you are going to want to capture. 


L1 and L8 in The Whisky Lounge – Bikal at Crown Super Deluxe

You know how sometimes the night is so good that leaving right after your mains just falls short? That is how I feel about this place. It is so larger-than-life, I just think going straight home feels wrong. So I like to invite guests to retire to the lounge, to unwind and sip on vintage bottles of Japanese whiskies, American bourbons and rare pours that complement the selection of retro French desserts. L1 and L8 lend themselves to both cosy nightcaps and boisterous afterparties, giving guests the best view of our collection of whiskies on hand. Lush, plush and full of personality; my favourite space in the restaurant.


The Godfather Table and Table 34 – Jack at Carbone

Hong Kong’s fancy red-sauce juggernaut is a love letter to 1950s New York, embodying the glitz and glamour of a bygone era and the comfortable familiarity of New York-Italian fare. Each table is as distinct as our hand-crafted Deruta plates, but there are two that even Don Corleone would lust after. When dining in pairs I would go for Table 107, referred to in whispers as The Godfather Table, which gives you full visual access to every single guest coming into the restaurant, without being noticed yourself. A classic mob boss move. 

If you are dining in larger groups then I have to say Table 34 – a round table in the corner of the main dining room. It grants you a level of privacy without hindering the views of Carbone’s swagger at work – Captains strutting their stuff, Mario’s Meatballs and Spicy Rig being served to guests starstruck at the flair and flamboyance behind every gesture. You can just kick back and watch it all go down.


Table 53 and 54 – Allan at Carbone

As any true mafioso can testify, having a secluded sanctuary to secure your business, enjoy your time with loved ones out of the public eye and feel the exclusivity of an experience comes with the territory. Table 53 and 54 in the back room at Carbone – designed to host events, important meetings and celebrations – offer a long, plush booth that hugs the wall and curves around, giving you a full view of the intimate space. It is definitely where guests are encouraged to linger long into the night, the retreat serving as the glamorous backdrop to the goings-on, with a watchful eye from the boss never too far.


Table 33 – Thomas at New Punjab Club

New Punjab Club may be boisterous, but it is a small restaurant with only nine tables, so choosing one above the rest is challenging. But from time to time, we get requests for Table 33. Here you see the whole show, from the reception to the kitchen and everything in between. What makes it even more impressive is that you have the greatest vantage point when it comes to all of our fantastic South Asian artwork. This corner booth also gives you a level of privacy, tucked away behind the entrance to the door, so those coming in cannot see you. During lunch service, the natural light floods in from the adjacent window and is the best spot for those looking to photograph their favourite dishes. 


Table 42 – Claire at Buenos Aires Polo Club

Walking through the handsome Argentinian steakhouse, you find yourself in myriad rooms with unmistakable décor elements: knife collections, mirrors, large-frame artwork. For me though, there are two tables that elevate the Buenos Aires Polo Club experience. Table 21 and 42 are both spectacular dining spots: Table 21 is in the Main Dining Room and gives a fantastic overview of all the shenanigans that go on. It is also super comfortable; a couch corner table. Table 42, in my opinion, is just that little bit more exclusive. An intimate booth, doubling up as a comfortable couch, it is in the Mirror Room which is quieter than the Main Dining Room and makes for a more private experience. It is a truly beautiful room and you bear witness to the flow of Buenos Aires Polo Club, and I think that the magic of the restaurant comes to life in that space.


Bar 8 Joennee at Buenos Aires Polo Club

Those looking for a leisurely drink at the bar will not be disappointed when they perch themselves atop ‘Bar 8’; the corner office of the room if you will. Uninterrupted views of the team mixing, shaking and stirring libations coupled with an eye on the entrance; there is a thrill that comes with the power of the observer. I have spent a few nights, post-service or on days off, discussing hot topics with friends and engaging with the team as they create cocktails per my liking, playing ‘who’s who’ with each new entrance into Buenos Aires Polo Club. And when the space transforms into Buenos Aires Rock Club on Thursday nights, this is the most coveted seat. Why? Unrivalled access to the bar team of course!


Heading out further east of the island? Check out our recommendations for the hottest tables in Wan Chai. And as a member of The Herd, you now know some of our secrets. We spilt the beans, so do not be afraid to ask for these coveted tables when making a reservation and our team will do their best to accommodate. 

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