Best Seat in the House | Wan Chai | Part 2

It is a well-known secret that there is always one table in every restaurant that has a little more magic than all the others. Closest to the kitchen? Panoramic views? Cosiest corner for romantic dates? For whatever reason and by whatever design, one table always seems to stand out, so this time around we asked our Wan Chai crew for the secrets behind their favourite spots. 


Charlotte.S at Artemis & Apollo

My favourite table has to be Kipos. Alfresco dining, under the stars, is such an integral part of Greek life and something about our leafy little courtyard really makes you feel a world away from Hong Kong. What I also love about Kipos is that, because it is a communal table, guests engage with each other, sparking conversations that pack the space with a dynamic energy. I have seen strangers become friends and large groups share laughs over clinking glasses and family-style meals. What could be more Mediterranean?! 


Charlotte.H at Le Garçon Saigon

Channelling a chic Parisian brasserie is one thing, but allowing guests to enjoy outdoor dining in Hong Kong is quite another. Table 64, the big round table facing the street, is my go-to in Le Garçon Saigon. It reminds me of relaxed days people-watching in Paris, imagining what their worlds might look like and weaving narratives into my lunch. It is airy, spacious and between the greenery that I love so much. On sunny weekends guests sit out there with their dogs and sip Vietnamese drip coffee or rosé. Ten out of ten would recommend! 


Miguel at Associazione Chianti 

Table 19 is the best seat in the house. It is right at the back of the restaurant so you can lounge on one of the sexy red banquettes facing the front door so you have a great view of the room and who is coming and going, plus it is definitely the most gangster choice – so nobody can assassinate you from behind. 


Jonathan at Motorino

Nothing beats sitting along the bar counter in Motorino Wan Chai. You face the open kitchen and get to check on all the pizze being made, watching our chefs shape and spin the dough before topping and throwing it into our custom oven. I often sit there after service and find myself getting lost in the pizzaiolo ballet before a piping hot Neapolitan pizza makes its way in front of me. Plus, if you are nice to the chef you might find an extra topping or two atop your order. 


Jeff at Osteria Marzia 

I have two favourite tables for guests and it all depends on what mood they are in. If they are just in for drinks or want a quick bite at the bar, I give them the counter, especially if our man JD is behind the bar, then I know they are in for a good time. 

In the main dining area, for longer and more romantic dining experiences, Table 15 has to be my favourite. It is a corner table and it faces the entire restaurant, giving an uninterrupted view of what is undeniably a stunning space. Watching servers, chefs and barmen act as players in a game of hospitality chess, call me biased but there is really nothing like it.


Check out our recommendations for the hottest tables in SoHo. And as a member of The Herd, you now know some of our secrets. so do not be afraid to ask for these coveted tables when making a reservation and our team will do their best to accommodate.

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