We’re back until midnight!

You may have seen the updated government restrictions on restaurants already, but we wanted to run you through some of the frequently asked questions that we have been fielding since the announcement.

At the moment guests do not need to be vaccinated. The only real change for you as a guest is that if you are arriving or staying past 10pm you do need to use the Leave Home Safe app. Before 10pm this is still optional across all of our restaurants.

Restaurants that want to stay open until midnight must have everyone working there complete at least one of their vaccination shots. Restaurants that meet this requirement can also take bookings for tables of up to six, but the restaurant still needs to run at half capacity.

Thirteen of our restaurants are now open until 12am and almost 70% of our team members have had at least their first shot. We really believe that having access to an efficient, free vaccination programme is a huge privilege. Many of our team have family members in places where this does not exist. We have friends and relatives still dying from this disease so for us, anyone choosing to make this a political issue rather than a decision based in science, community and the greater good, is putting both our livelihood and our lives at risk.

The vaccine is essential to keep ourselves safe but we also do this for the people who cannot get inoculated. If all of us getting vaccinated saves just one life we know it will be worth it.

If you swing by any of these restaurants after 10pm this weekend let the team know you are with The Herd, they’ll give you your first shot (the drinking kind!) on the house.

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