The heat has arrived and as the temperature goes into overdrive, and summer gets into full swing, day drinks and long nights become familiar friends once again. If you are one of the lucky ones with a pool, or enjoy clinking cold glasses in the sand, you might find yourself shopping for the perfect summer wine. Worry not, because our team of sommeliers has their picks for the best sips to keep you cool this season. 


Arnaud Bardary, BELON

In an ideal world, I would drink Champagne every day but in reality, my number one wine for the summer is a pale, light-bodied Provence rosé. I am often asked this question and each year I find that my answer changes; maybe that means I am evolving? Last year it was white, this year I am all about rosé. I love the rosé range from Chateau de l’Escarelle; fruit-forward, light and a beautiful pastel pink. 


To me this is summer – a glass of rosé in your hand, feet in the sand and the smell of sun cream. A dip in the water and there is nothing better. Rosé is refreshing, easy to drink and pairs beautifully with dishes that are typical of the season, whether a light and vibrant salad, barbecue or aperitif. I think rosé is so versatile and lets you easily transition from leisurely lunch to evening drinks and alfresco dinner parties. 


Johann Kwon, Crown Super Deluxe

I like spending summer days relaxing on the beach, with friends and family and sunshine pouring in. The sounds of the ocean make me feel like I am truly on holiday, even if I have just escaped the city for an afternoon. This summer, I am really enjoying Italian white wines made from indigenous varietals, particularly those made without a further aging period in the new oak. These have more purity and distinct characteristics but are also generally great value for money.

I would recommend the 2017 vintage of Umani Ronchi Casal di Serra Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Superiore from Italy’s Marche region. The wine is made from ‘Verdicchio’, which is the most famous indigenous varietal in the Marche region. This is a fantastic aperitif pairing, easy-drinking and wonderful on its own. It has ripe grapefruit and peach notes with a beautiful texture, balanced out by a delightful acidity.


Chiara Vezzani, Carbone

The perfect summer wine? For me, this starts with the Fiano grape variety from the Italian regions of Campania and Sicily. One of my favorite producers is Ciro Picariello. Mr. Ciro has run the winery with his wife Rita since 2004, quickly gaining international recognition and becoming a favourite amongst sommeliers (guilty). All the vineyards lay on volcanic soil and enjoy a fresh and ventilated climate. The wine production philosophy there is very simple: no chemicals in the vineyard and very few interventions in the cellar. Ciro Picariello exclusively ages its Fianos in steel tanks, preserving the wine’s intense primary aromas, characterised by tropical fruit, white flowers and aromatic herbs. The palate is fresh, elegant and mineral which makes it a beautiful companion to an Italian aperitivo spread. Give me burrata, cherry tomatoes, green olives and good company and summer has arrived.


Kevin Lu, Buenos Aires Polo Club

A glass of Champagne, no question about it. Champagne always brings pleasure to the people around you, and it is a fabulous way to start a meal: the freshness and creamy mousse really open up the appetite. Whether you are drinking at home, in a restaurant, on the beach or by the pool, Champagne goes with every moment and every menu. 


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