When it comes to cooking we all know that chefs will tell you to buy the best that you can afford. But this week we asked our chefs which kitchen essentials, from gadgets to ingredients, are worth splurging out a little more on and why. 


Palash Mitra, New Punjab Club

I would suggest investing in a good, quality slow-cooker. They are great for making soups, braises and roasts, but the best part is that they work perfectly with off-cuts and trimmings. This way, food waste is almost completely eliminated, which is a plus for both your wallet and the environment.


Daniel Calvert, BELON

Consider this: you cannot create an amazing coat and skimp on the stitches. This is the same ethos apply at BELON. Yes, we buy high-quality produce from Japan, but something we never compromise on is seasoning. This means using the right salt, oil, vinegar and butter. These ingredients are the unsung heroes of the cuisine and the sauces. Without them, you create a one dimensional and hollow environment. The standards are the same whether it be bistro food or haute cuisine and at BELON, we only cook with Bordier butter which can be found in City’super.


Jowett Yu, Ho Lee Fook

Go for a Combi Oven. They allow you to roast and steam food at different temperatures and humidities, making them indispensable in modern kitchen fit-outs. They are even great for home cooks, especially for those who love to bake.


Braden Reardon, Carbone

I am a bit old school and typically reject modern, fancy gadgets, but I have recently fallen in love with the Thermomix. This piece of equipment is amazing, especially when it comes to living with a Hong Kong-sized kitchen. It is capable of everything from creating purées, sauces, doughs and emulsions, to cooking soups and infusing oils. I have had so much fun testing and tasting with the Thermomix and cannot recommend it enough for both home cooks and professionals.


Shun Sato, Fukuro

High-quality soy sauce is indispensable in my own kitchen and in Fukuro’s. It adds a depth of umami and balance that regular soy sauce just does not have. One of my favourite brands is Tamari and I use it as the foundation for many of the sauces that I mix myself. You can pick up a bottle for yourself at City’super.


Lisette Magampon, Osteria Marzia

There is no tool more worth splurging on than a good chef’s knife. Knives are one of the most important tools used in a kitchen and as a chef or home cook, you should find the right knife that fits your needs. This may vary from having a comfortable grip to the length of the knife. I am partial to Togiharu and Suisin Japanese knives, but do your research to find the right knife for yourself.

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