Now open: Rajasthan Rifles

Hiking up the Peak this long weekend? Stop by from 5pm to meet the newest member of the family, Rajasthan Rifles our Anglo-Indian mess hall.

Rajasthan Rifles is an exploration into the coming together of two cultures. Anglo-Indian cuisine is the delicious by-product of a fragile period in history. One of the first places that these two cuisines met was in the army. In the 1920s the British Indian Army stationed in the subcontinent started accepting Officers of Indian heritage and the mess halls were where everyone came together to eat but also to socialise, play cards and connect. While the relationship between the two nations was, to put it mildly, fraught, the cuisines came together in a surprisingly harmonious and lasting manner. In the same way that chutney has found itself into basically every cheese sandwich in Britain and curry has become one of their national foods, in South Asia club sandwiches, chicken chops, tea drunk with milk and a love for whisky and gin, have all taken root in much of the region. And of course, in the charming way that these things evolve, the adopted dishes have all been given their own regional twist at the hands and palates of those making them.

The Rajasthan Rifles ultimately became the Rajputana Rifles, now the senior most rifle regiment of the Indian army and famed for their bravery and skill, but popular legend has it that there was one unit of the Rajasthan Rifles that were better known for their fondness for whisky, gin, cricket and grand balls than for combat. Rajasthan Rifles is our salute to what we imagine their Officers’ mess hall was serving. A lot of South Asian kids on the team grew up hearing military stories from their Grandfathers, we have added a hearty dose of fantasy to those rose-tinted memories of a tense time. Even now mess halls in India and Pakistan have a lot of pomp and ceremony around them, the food is always simple but delicious and we keep that ethos at Rajasthan Rifles, simple food with great ingredients, executed well.

This is our first foray onto the Peak and unlike other eateries in the neighbourhood, we aim primarily to serve the residents. We hope to create a hub for the people who live in the area, ultimately serving them from breakfast until late and offering membership to the Rajasthan Rifles Peak Society to anyone who lives on Stubbs Road or above, allowing them the exclusive perk of table bookings at any time at Rajasthan Rifles. For everyone else limited table bookings are available at dinner time only. For more information please contact us at: [email protected] .


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