This week it seems pointless to pretend that we are thinking about anything other than the current pandemic so we thought we would reiterate how we are trying to keep our community safe and the new protocols we have put in place across all the restaurants that may affect you.

With the levels of COVID-19 continuing to rise globally, we are asking for your support to maintain the highest levels of safety within the restaurants. As of this week, in addition to our sanitising procedures (listed below) and temperature checks, we are requiring that everyone who comes through the restaurants sign a Health Declaration form to confirm that in the last 14 days you have not

a) tested positive for the virus;
b) experienced symptoms associated with the virus;
c) been outside of Hong Kong;
d) been in direct contact with someone who has been outside of Hong Kong in the last two weeks or someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

As the safety and health of our community (which we consider you part of) is our main concern, we ask that you are honest in your declarations and we thank you for the support you have shown us during this challenging time. 

Wishing you and your loved ones continued good health,

The Black Sheep Restaurants Team


Keeping you safe:

  • Industrial deep sanitisation for all restaurants through an external agency.
  • Anyone feeling unwell is working from home.
  • Daily temperature checks for all team members.
  • Masks for everyone who handles food.
  • Mandatory handwashing every 30 minutes.
  • Pared-back menus across the restaurants focusing on the cleanest and safest dishes.
  • Health Declarations for anyone who enters restaurant premises.


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