Introducing Uncle Desi Food & Sons

Introducing Uncle Desi Food & Sons, the city’s first digital restaurant. Serving up the subcontinent’s most beloved dishes for delivery-only, the kitchen is overseen by Chef Palash Mitra, our Culinary Director for South Asian Cuisine… But who is Uncle Desi?

Uncle Desi pays tribute to all the brave souls who moved from their homes in South Asia and set up shop in the UK, the States and beyond. These incredible entrepreneurs brought what they knew from home, and frequently that was food. Their restaurants were often the first taste of India for many of the places they settled in, becoming an integral hub in their towns and a part of that community’s shared memories. Most of these entrepreneurs were not chefs but home cooks using family recipes, with nothing sophisticated about the cooking and ingredients that often had to be substituted with what was available locally in their new homes. But what was ubiquitous was a focus on flavour and creating comforting, tasty classics. In some of these adopted lands, like the UK, these dishes have become part of the national identity. 

Black Sheep Restaurants co-founder Syed Asim Hussain knows Uncle Desi all too well. “In South Asia, everyone is your Aunty or Uncle, no blood relation required, and I think almost everyone has had an Uncle Desi in their lives. Mine ran a place called Haandi in Murray Hill in New York (affectionately known as Curry Hill) where all of the South Asian taxi drivers and young university graduates like I was, would go. He was called ‘Uncle’ by absolutely everyone, even my non-desi friends and Uncle always looked after you the best way he knew how – with food.”

Uncle Desi Food & Sons’ menu takes inspiration from your favourite Indian takeaway growing up. The local go-to that you ordered as a treat when mum could not be bothered cooking, the one where they knew your order as soon as you walked in, the one where you always intentionally over-ordered because the leftovers on Sunday were almost better than when it was hot on Saturday night. Uncle Desi Food & Sons is all of those places, here and now. Expect all your throwback classics such as Aloo Samosa, Chicken Tikka Masala, Prawn Vindaloo and Lamb Rogan Josh, delivered straight to your door. Easy as that. 


Feeling hungry? We don’t blame you, so good thing Uncle is only ever an order away. Uncle Desi Food & Sons delivers from Kennedy Town to as far east as Tai Hang. Keep an eye out for the riders who sport custom uniforms and bedazzled bike boxes but also proudly model for our Instagram account – @uncledesifoodandsons.

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