The weather has finally turned here in Hong Kong and it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas… It is never too early to get Christmas shopping out of the way and this year we have all suffered enough, so to help you avoid the misery of Christmas Eve panic-buying we asked our chefs for some gift inspo for that finicky foodie in your life.


Chef Palash Mitra – New Punjab Club

When I am in town I love my Motorino pizzas but as I live way outside of the delivery zone, I would like one of these portable pizza ovens under my Christmas tree this year so I can attempt creating some of that charred, airy crusted pizza magic at home.

Chef Braden Rearden – Carbone

If Santa is feeling really generous then I would love one of these outdoor cookers. If you have the space for the big one, then it is a grill, an oven, slow cooker and a smoker all in one. But I don’t know if I have been that good this year, so I would also be very happy with a good pasta extruder. If you are serious about pasta, then this is something you need in your kitchen. 

Chef Gizzy Alesbrook – Hotal Colombo

Honestly this year I am just happy to be healthy and still working so asking for anything more seems selfish. But if there was one thing, then I would wish for one of these indoor herb gardens. Year-round fresh herbs even in a small kitchen would be magical. 

Chef Billy Otis – Taqueria Super Macho

I always love receiving slightly unusual, and luxury kitchen ingredients and with people spending more time at home I think these are even more appreciated. I would love a tin of fennel pollen to elevate so many protein or vegetable dishes. You cannot go wrong with an aged balsamic vinegar, you can spend $300 or $3000 but there is something for every budget. There are lots of Colatura di Alici on the market but it is worth hunting for a good one. It’s that ingredient in Italian food that can make a dish but you can’t quite put your finger on. And lastly, it’s a cliché, but I don’t know anyone who would not appreciate a beautiful tin of caviar.

Chef Luca Marinelli – Osteria Marzia

If I could have one Christmas wish I would love Santa to bring me the 5kg panettone that I use to have with my Father on Christmas Day! Is a traditional panettone that we would buy from one pastry shop in my home town. For me, the smell of that burnt vanilla and candied fruit panettone is pure magic and reminds of happy Christmases. But failing that you cannot go wrong with old, obscure recipe books for people who love to cook. I have my eye on some really traditional old Italian ones, they are as fun to read as they are to use.

Chef Josh Stumbaugh – Associazione Chianti

I have been starting to teach myself about the art of making bread so I would like all the tools that go along with that – proper proofing baskets, baguette trays, a tabletop grain mill for milling my own flour and, in my dream wildest Christmas dreams, a brick oven to bake all my bread in.

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