Gelato Messina Is Now Open On Historic Pottinger Street

On a mission to bring Hong Kong the scoop of joy it deserves, we are thrilled to announce that our very first gelateria is now open on Pottinger Street. With our shared dedication to using only the highest quality ingredients and passion for providing a guest-focused dining experience, we are set to take Hong Kong by storm with Messina. Serving up scoops of the best gelato in the world from Tuesday to Sunday, the sleek 2,000 square foot space is the largest in the city and houses an on-site kitchen where gelato is freshly churned daily, dine-in areas for the sweetest of dates, and of course a vast counter of cabinets to store all 40 flavours of gelato that are on offer at any time.

With 35 classic flavours available year-round, including ever-popular perennial favourites such as Pistachio Praline and Salted Caramel & White Chocolate, every guest is sure to find a favourite. Blending tradition with innovation, our portfolio of classics is complemented by an ever-changing line-up of rotating specials, of which at least one new flavour, never before tasted, is presented weekly. Our Head Pastry Chef Karys Logue has been working closely with Messina’s Alessandro Palumbo, who, having been born into the family trade, has been a bit gelato-obsessed since day one. A magic man with flavours and additions, Alessandro has devoted himself to sharing the Messina story with an infectious level of enthusiasm and deep knowledge of the secrets behind making world-class gelato.

These two masters of flavour worked together to create locally-inspired specials including grand opening highlights Egg Tart, Hong Kong Milk Tea and Tofu Fa. All our scoops are priced at $60 for one, $70 for a double and $80 for a triple scoop served in your choice of cup or waffle cone. If you cannot get your fill in just one visit, you can walk away with your favourites and mix and match a takeaway tub with up to five flavours depending on the size (tubs are available in 0.5L, 1L and 1.5L tubs).

Open from 3pm to 11pm, we are ready to welcome in all of the dessert-obsessed Hong Kong community, from kids who have earned an after-school treat to office workers on the hunt for something to brighten up their midday slump and neighbourhood diners looking for the perfect after-dinner sweet to end the night. If you are one of the lucky users of GO, you will soon have the option to bring your favourite flavours delivered directly to your doorstep. The perfect way to fix those late-night cravings or treat-yourself evenings that deserve just that little extra sweet touch.

“There was no hesitation for us, we knew right away that the Messina team had the same core values that we do. The quality of their product is really the backbone for them, and it is the same for us. If you need to compromise on quality, you’re not giving your guests the experience they deserve,” comments Founder Asim. “You only have to taste the gelato to know that this is something very special because Messina controls the entire process from start to finish. They make all their flavour additions from scratch, even down to the milk which comes from their own dairy farm, the quality truly sings. We believe that once you have tried true gelato like this, nothing else will do.”

From the outset, Messina has strived to make every component that goes into its gelato from scratch; in 2016, the team took this commitment one step further, deciding to produce the best possible raw ingredients rather than just sourcing them.

Nick Palumbo, co-Founder of Messina, comments, “When we first met Asim and Chris, we recognised immediately their level of expertise and learned quickly that they had a deep understanding of the Hong Kong market, but most importantly, they also understood us. They understood how important our brand and its story is and we knew that they would respect what we had spent the last 20 years creating. We are excited to see what their knowledge and experience can bring to Messina in Hong Kong and look forward to when we can finally visit and get the Black Sheep Restaurants experience for ourselves”.

From 1 October, stop by and experience our very first gelateria for yourselves, Messina is located at 37-43 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong. Visit our website gelatomessina.com.hk or follow @gelatomessinahk for more information.

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