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With the heat already upon us, we asked Axel Gonźalez, head bartender at BELON to share his favourite summer punch recipes for boats, barbecues and picnics that will wow at your next summertime soirée.

“Anytime we go on a junk, my friends ask me to make my Tommy’s Margarita. It’s a simple, quick and boozy drink, plus everyone loves a good marg’. My favourite tequila is Ocho 8 Blanco, it’s fresh and smooth, perfect for this recipe. I usually make this the night before and just decant into big empty water bottles to keep in the fridge which can then get thrown straight into the eskie onboard.”

Tommy’s Margarita serves 20
– 12 cups tequila
– 6 cups fresh lime juice (from around 30-40 limes depending on their size)
– 3 cups agave syrup
– Salt (optional for rimming glasses)

In a big pot or bowl mix all ingredients together
Decant into bottles or containers of your choice
Keep in the fridge or eskie until well chilled
Shake up the bottles before serving, then pour over ice and if you want to really impress your friends, you can even rim the cups with salt.

“For picnics and barbecues I like something a little bit sweeter, fizzier and more refreshing. My Cynar Julep is the picnic punch. If you haven’t tried Cynar it’s a classic Italian bittersweet liqueur, the main botanical being artichoke, and you can find it in most Italian liquor shops (try HK Liquor Store). Again you can premix everything and decant into a convenient container, just leave out the soda until you are ready to serve.”

Cynar Julep serves 5
– 2 cups Cynar
– 2 cups fresh grapefruit juice
– 1 cup fresh lime juice
– 250g brown sugar syrup
– 1 bunch mint
– Soda water to top

To make the brown sugar syrup, combine equal parts brown sugar and water and bring to a boil, stir until sugar dissolves. Let cool completely before using
Combine Cynar, grapefruit juice and lime juice
Add brown sugar syrup to the mixture and stir, then refrigerate until well chilled
When ready to serve, pour over ice and top with a splash of soda
Garnish with fresh mint leaves for extra credit

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