Inspiration can be everywhere but for most of us these days it comes from our phones. However after months of endless scrolling during the pandemic, perhaps your social feed is feeling a little lacklustre? We asked our chefs who they follow in the food world for #inspiration, #information and #entertainment so you can fall in love with your feed all over again.

Chef Palash Mitra, New Punjab Club

@alain_passard – Chef Alain Passard is a great inspiration and I love following his Instagram to see the seasonal dishes that he posts. I do not even speak French, but his photos speak for themselves! Not a lot of people realise that one of the things Chef Passard is known for is his incredible vegetarian tasting menu at l’Arpège, in Paris. He completely changed the game for cooking vegetables. Today, I am known for New Punjab Club’s signatures like our Masalewali Chanp, our lambchops, and Mughal Room Makhani, our version of Butter Chicken. However, I grew up in a vegetarian region of India, so I have a lot of respect and nostalgia for meatless dishes. It is fascinating how Chef Passard transforms these beautiful ingredients into something so complex, yet keeps their integrity and simplicity.


Chef Josh Stumbaugh, Associazione Chianti

@chefdanbarber – Dan Barber from Blue Hill in New York is the definition of a forward-thinking chef. He takes the time and energy to explore different methods of farming and agriculture and how they affect the final results in fruit, vegetables and livestock. If you have not watched his Netflix episode on Chef’s Table or read his book, The Third Plate, following his Instagram is a great way to learn about the things he is doing. It is always inspiring to see how he continues to push the industry and educate himself and his audience.


Chef Jowett Yu, Ho Lee Fook

@chefthomaskeller – You cannot go wrong with following any of the OGs, but Chef Thomas Keller has been killing it on Instagram since COVID-19 started. He has been doing cooking tutorials in his home, showcasing his favourite recipes in accessible ways. Most importantly, he makes everything look so easy, which is a testament to how he is truly a master of his craft.


Chef Karys Logue, Butter

@fjmigoya – I am constantly amazed by Chef Francisco Migoya and how he takes the classical, technical building blocks of pastry and reinvents them with a fresh aesthetic. His eye for design is incredible and he is never content to replicate the work of others or just continue to showcase his own classics. Francisco is a real innovator who never loses sight of the fundamental goal of making something both delicious and surprising.


Chef Billy Otis, Taqueria Super Macho

@rick_bayless – I like to keep up with my old mentor, Chef Rick Bayless, on Instagram. I worked with him for a few years in Chicago and he always looked after his teams really well. Online he continues to bring attention to the issues troubling the restaurant industry, like championing small independent restaurants, sourcing local ingredients and fighting for equal work opportunities. He also posts a lot of his new tasting menus and content from his trips to Mexico, which is inspiring for my own work at Taqueria Super Macho.


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