Cheers to chianti

If you want a truly Tuscan experience in Hong Kong, all it takes is a glass of deep, red Chianti. Nestled in the heart of an area steeped in history and battles for control, the Chianti region produces some of the world’s best wines. The picturesque rolling hills, olive groves and small stone villages are laden with vineyards, mostly of the superior Sangiovese grape. For wines to truly be classified as Chianti, they are required to be harvested in the region and produced from at least 80% of the famous grape. Now that is a ratio we can get behind. So whether you are ready to enjoy a glass or treat yourself to a bottle (call it self-care), Chianti is an excellent partner to your next meal. Read on for our sommeliers’ reasons to clink glasses with Chianti tonight.

  1. Chianti is one of the most coveted Italian wines. It is D.O.C.G (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) classified, which is the highest classification for Italian wines. This means production is controlled, making it a reliable choice, every time.
  2. Chianti is bold, yet approachable, and can be appreciated whether you are a newbie or a connoisseur. The Sangiovese grape variety has a great deal of acidity, resulting in a wine that is refreshing and easy to drink.
  3. Thanks to its earthy flavour, strong acidity, high tannins and fruity notes, Chianti is extremely versatile when it comes to food pairings. Get creative in the kitchen for an experience that is more La Dolce Vita and less Under the Tuscan Sun!
  4. There is impressive diversity. From Chianti Classico to Rufina and Colli Senesi, each appellation within the region has a distinct style to discover.
  5. The Chianti Classico area, the most ancient area of production of all Chianti, is one of the world leaders in organic viticulture. Biodiversity and sustainability are concerns for Tuscan winemakers, which means you can enter into an entirely new world of wine with each sip.
  6. Chianti is literally history in a bottle. Winemakers between Florence and Siena have been battling over borders and labelling rights for centuries, since the Etruscan era (the guys before the Roman Empire). 
  7. Like Black Sheep Restaurants, Chianti is a storyteller. Wine with this much history – and mystery – makes for one helluva good ice breaker! Take a bottle to your next dinner party and watch how many friends you make sharing big red’s stories, from the origins of its iconic straw basket to the tales behind the enigmatic rooster that adorns them.
  8. Exceptional wine can come with a hefty price tag, but thanks to its wide range of variations, Chianti can be accessed at a variety of price points.

Have we piqued your interest? Good news! You can indulge in all things Chianti at the opening of our new Tuscan trattoria, Associazione Chianti. The 50-seat restaurant will serve up a simple, soulful Tuscan menu spotlighting premium proteins, hearty pastas and of course as the name implies, a lot of Tuscan wines. Sign up to be the first to know when the doors open (and receive your first Negroni on the house).

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