Celebrating Diwali with Black Sheep

Honouring the rich tapestry of cultures that make up our team and the communities we serve is an important aspect of Black Sheep life. Among the many festivals that light up the calendar, Diwali, the Festival of Lights, holds a special place for many of us. This festival, celebrated by millions of people around the world from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and Fiji, is a time of joy and togetherness.

Often referred to as Deepavali, Diwali is the Hindu festival which illuminates the triumph of light over darkness, symbolising the perennial victory of good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. It emerges just before a new moon between the Hindu lunar months of Asvina and Kartika — typically, this lands in October or November. With its festivities spanning five radiant days, the height of the celebrations occurs on the third. And amidst the vibrant array of rituals and traditions, the tantalising allure of Diwali sweets, known as mithai, beckons. Representing life’s inherent sweetness and the joy of sharing, treats like ladoos and jalebis are particularly treasured.

For Chef Palash Mitra of New Punjab Club, Diwali is a way of sharing his culture, one dish at a time: “Every year we will offer a box of mithai at New Punjab Club as it is a way to express our gratitude, and respect and acknowledge the presence of others in our lives,” says Chef Palash.

This year, our Chefs have curated a trio of experiences to illuminate the season for our guests.

Uncle can deliver the feast of your dreams with two menus for groups as small as six up to boisterous gatherings of 30. From the vegetarian-friendly Uncle’s Delight with signature dishes, including the much-loved slow-cooked black lentils, Dal Makhani, and the Sweet Corn Chaat to the hearty Kadhai Paneer, made of soft cheese and bell peppers. For those in need of a more meat-centric menu, Uncle’s Feast features classic highlights like Rarha Meat Adraki, the slow-cooked lamb shoulder with ginger and tomatoes and Uncle’s classic Chicken Biryani with Gravy, succulent chicken leg with aged basmati rice.

Our Anglo-Indian mess hall Rajasthan Rifles is getting in on the celebrations with a one-night-only feast atop The Peak. On 12 November, starting from 6pm, guests can overlook the bright city lights and dine on a sharing-style menu specially made by Uncle’s old pals in the regiment complete with infinite pours of our signature beverages.

For those needing something sweet or a small token to gift, brighten any loved one’s Diwali and gift the Mithai Box of Sweet Dreams, a pastel pink box of sweets from Chef Palash and the talented team at New Punjab Club.

However and wherever you choose to celebrate, we at Black Sheep wish you all a warm and festive Diwali.

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