The BSR Bar Series: “Dry Jan” Hacks

We’re sixteen days into 2018, which means sixteen days into having kept or not kept that extensive list of resolutions you scrawled from your hungover cave, feebly convincing yourself would last the year (before throwing in the towel a week ago).

Or, you’re going strong and are half a month closer to a better, happier, skinnier, smarter, richer, soberer you.

Whichever category you fall into, January is cold, wet and miserable, and not the nicest month in which to conduct the Master Cleanse or whichever ridiculous fad you decide to adopt. Normally, alcohol takes the edge off, but the masochists among us have added Dry January to their list of deprivations this month.

Fear not, though, we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up some tricks of the trade to tide you over when really all you want is tequila.

If you can’t or won’t avoid social commitments, mocktails are your new best friend. The low-octane movement is dispersing preconceptions of sugary, retro, E-number laden concoctions. Teetotallers are becoming more refined, and complex flavours and esoteric ingredients mean you won’t miss the alcohol. Try our Palermo at Buenos Aires Polo Club.

If you’re feeling minimalist, make life even easier and drink a soda water with a twist of lime.

There are plenty of good series on Netflix Hong Kong. For foodie TV picks, try Bourdain’s ‘The Mind of a Chef’ or ‘Chef’s Table’ is a reliable classic. We’d recommend ‘Midnight Diner’, ‘Kantaro’ and ‘Samurai Gourmet’ for an entertaining watch (‘Kantaro’ centres on a salaryman who sneaks out of sales calls to eat desserts around Tokyo). Also, the entirety of ‘Friends’ is now on there, for better or for worse.

Stay away from faddy supplements like milk thistle, as these have been debunked. Instead, your liver regenerates on its own if you’re nice to it, so focus on things you know will be impactful.

No, not the militant kind synonymous with misery. Choosing what you fuel your body with, i.e. wholesome, healthful foods rich in nutrients, makes the world of difference to your health, mood, sleep, productivity, you name it. Don’t go cold turkey and risk everything when you give in to a chocolate biscuit, instead set yourself up for success by making little changes like meal prepping to save your waistline and your dollars.

Repeat the mantra, “It will all still be there in 31 days”. And, supposedly, it’ll taste better. Or, rather than setting strict boundaries, make it a trial-run and see how far you can go. With low expectations, there’s less pressure to slip up. You can even try the somewhat dubious “positive passwording” method that’s been touted as having affirmative properties. Supposedly typing in “nodrinks2day” several times a day ought to do the trick.

Good luck – you got this. And there’s a strong drink with your name on it come February!

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