Best seat in the house | SoHo | Part 1

It is a well-known secret that there is always one table in every restaurant that has a little more magic than all the others. Closest to the kitchen? Panoramic views? Cosiest corner for romantic dates? For whatever reason and by whatever design, one table always seems to stand out, so we asked some of our SoHo crew for the secrets behind their favourite spots. 


JJ at Fukuro 

Top stairs is the small table that overlooks the whole izakaya. It is designed for two to three guests, four if it is just for drinks, and what it lacks in size it makes up for with a view of the shenanigans that go on. Guests usually hang out there a little longer and I think it is best for after-dinner sake. Top stairs is quiet, intimate and gives you a full view of the spirit of Fukuro. It is also somewhat secluded from the entrance, which I know a lot of guests really enjoy, but their reasons remain my secret. The table is kind of our magic hat trick and a surefire good time.


Gabe at Taqueria Super Macho 

My favourite table has to be 53 downstairs, especially for larger groups that like to party and watch the action in the kitchen. Here you get a front-row seat to all the mischief the team gets up to and Chef Billy boppin’ and weavin’ to the beats on the speaker. Watch the taqueria get its groove on and feel free to become part of the fun by dipping into the costume box that sits next to the table. Super Macho!


Rachit at Hotal Colombo 

Our fairy godmother, Chef Gisela Alesbrook – lovingly known to everyone as Gizzy – has made it her mission to bring a taste of Sri Lanka to Hong Kong, introducing guests to the vibrant cuisine and culture of her home. She does this through her menu but also through shared personal stories. And the best place to have those one-on-ones? The kitchen counter. Sitting at the counter brings you into conversations with Gizzy while watching the team whip up colourful dishes. After my shift, I often pull up a seat and have a chit-chat with Gizzy – she gives the best life advice. So if you can, I recommend doing the same, with chef recommendations to suit your taste buds. And if you are lucky, Gizzy will spread her love the best way she knows how and an off-menu item might just find its way to your seat.


Nick at Maison Libanaise 

You know how Hong Kong feels a bit much at times? The hustle and bustle of the city can be overwhelming and finding an escape seems near impossible when you are within it. That all changes when I see guests step onto the rooftop. It is hassle-free, smoke-free, taxi-noise-free – pretty much an oasis in the city. Table 65 gives you the best vantage point for people-watching, with an uninterrupted view of the rest of the restaurant. I have shared many a glass of wine with guests at that table (amongst others). It is a spectacular moment, the one when you realise that you are enjoying Lebanese food and wine, on a picnic table, in the middle of a crazy busy Asian city, in a lush green rooftop garden. Très bon!


Rebecca at – Motorino SoHo

Best spot in the pizzeria? Easy. Table 39 – the fairy-lit, courtyard table that looks into the open kitchen. There is an energy that buzzes out – from the smell of the freshly baked pizzas to the view of the kitchen team doing their thing. It is a great spot for kids and I have often seen our own doting dad and chef, Luke, invite the little ones into the kitchen to lend a hand or top their own pies. The courtyard, though tiny, is special, guests get lost in the cosy character of the space.


Want to see it for yourself? As a member of The Herd, you now know some of our secrets. We spilt the beans, so do not be afraid to ask for these coveted tables when making a reservation and our team will do their best to accommodate. 

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