All about the ho lee fook lions

Ho Lee Fook is well-known for its wall of waving cats that have been ushering in good fortune for almost five years now. But the restaurant recently got some new feline friends in the form of these two magnificent stone lions. 

These beasts were scooped up during the closure of the iconic Excelsior Hotel in Causeway Bay which was the epitome of luxury hospitality in Hong Kong during the 70s. Back then when it opened in 1973 The Excelsior was the tallest building in the area and the largest hotel in the city going up in a record-breaking 18 months of construction. Even the land it was built on was unique – lot one, the first plot of land sold in 1842 when the city became a British colony.

Imperial guardian lions are meant to protect the building they watch over from harmful influences and threats. The Excelsior lions successfully did their job and took care of the hotel for 46 years greeting thousands of guests every week, so when the team heard they were looking for a new home, they knew just where to put them. They now live on Elgin Street guarding our funky Chinese kitchen, Ho Lee Fook, we hope for another 46 plus years. Stop by and snap a selfie with these two Hong Kong hospitality icons.

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