Staying In: GO Reveals a Year in Food

Delivery has been the name of the game this year, and with continually changing dine-in restrictions and a new stay at home lifestyle, we brought GO to new heights to get you everything you needed. But what were the foods that got you through the year? Were you craving food hugs or fueling your quarantine shred regimes? The GO team reveals the top five most ordered dishes in 2020.


  1. Green Chicken Curry – Soul Food Thai

Kicking off our top five is one of the most traditional and beloved Thai dishes around, Green Chicken Curry:
What makes it special? Soul Food Thai’s version is a cut above the rest because the team makes all its own curry pastes in-house. The result is a really vibrant green-coloured curry rich in bright, fresh flavours which guests love so much that almost eight out of ten dinner deliveries from Soul Food Thai include a Green Curry. 

  1. Chicken Souvlaki – Artemis & Apollo

Coming in fourth is the Athenian taverna’s classic Chicken Souvlaki:
What makes it special? Artemis & Apollo uses chicken brined for 48-hours before being slow-roasted over charcoal and almond wood, resulting in moist, juicy chicken with a charred, smoky flavour. Shredded and topped with a house-made tzatziki using cucumber and mint, tomatoes, sweet red onions and fresh parsley this souvlaki is all wrapped up in the fluffy, chewy Greek pita you can only find at Artemis & Apollo.

  1. American Cheeseburger – Burger Circus

In third place a 5oz beefy, cheesy bite of good ol’ America, Burger Circus’ American Cheeseburger:
What makes it special? When it comes to simple dishes it is all about using the best ingredients. Freshly-ground, USDA-certified prime, three-way beef seared to perfection and topped with real Wisconsin cheddar, sliced onion, pickles and our house-made Circus Sauce, all sandwiched between the walls of a soft, buttery brioche bun. This cheeseburger sets new standards for the American classic. 

  1. Butter Chicken – Uncle Desi Food & Sons

In the penultimate spot is everyone’s favourite curry, Butter Chicken:
What makes it special? Although the exact recipe is different at every restaurant, Butter Chicken has been something of a phenomenon this year and between our South Asian restaurants (New Punjab Club, Rajasthan Rifles and Uncle Desi Food & Sons) the team has served up around 4,000 of these a week. Uncle’s version is an Old Delhi-style chicken doused in a lightly spiced and very buttery gravy. Add some fluffy tandoor-baked naan for scooping and you knew this dish was the one thing that would never let you down this year.

  1. Soppressata Piccante Pizze – Motorino

And the winner, perhaps unsurprisingly, coming in as the top most ordered dish on GO in 2020 was pizza. Soppressata Piccante to be exact:
What makes it special? This year for the first time we served it two ways – baked to perfection for 90 seconds in our custom ovens Neapolitan-style, but also as a kit to order and make at home. But again the secret is really in using the best ingredients. Soppressata Piccante is a cured spicy salami, using the finest Calabrian chilies. It is cured, which means you can eat it like you would on an antipasti board. Motorino’s is flown in fresh from Italy and when it cooks, the oils are released and a natural sweetness comes out which adds a beautiful layer of flavour to your pizza. 


So food hugs reigned supreme in 2020 but with January around the corner are you thinking about changing up your home delivery? Check out Supper Cult, the city’s best meal delivery plan with an extra virtuous Nice plan especially for the new year. 

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