Looking Back: A Summer Of Extraordinary Experiences

Looking Back: A Summer Of Extraordinary Experiences

Our 2021 line-up of transportive, one-of-a-kind experiences has wrapped, and what a summer it was. We were able to bring our stories to life through these extraordinary, experiential dining moments both inside and outside of the four walls of our restaurants, keeping true to dynamic, story-driven narratives that define us.

We kicked things off with our stunning Primavera ad Amalfi pop-up right in Tai Kwun’s historic Magistracy, brought Hikkaduwa Beach to the city with Hotal Colombo’s Shek O takeover serving up fresh mud crabs, Sri Lankan-style, and indulged in a wine-imbued Cellar Strolls all across SoHo and Wan Chai.

Our skilled bar teams led Martini-fuelled Masterclasses at Buenos Aires Polo Club and Whiskey Tastings at Crown Super Deluxe, while over in Wan Chai we were throwing riotous summer editions of our Greek Wine Orgy at Artemis & Apollo. We hosted an unforgettable afternoon at our inaugural Great Rajasthan Rifles Cricket Tournament and revived Club Genesis in all its opulence and glory with a chic disco brunch at our lavish teppanyaki.  

The summer flew by with memories we are sure not to forget, and we can’t wait to see what next year’s line-up will bring as we look to celebrating ten years in true Black Sheep fashion. As the summer ends and we take a look back on what an overwhelming success it was, we asked our community to share their highlights below!

Robin Whitehead, Operations Manager Wyndham
“If there was one goal we had for Summer Festival, it was to bring people together and take them out of Hong Kong. From Club Genesis at Crown Super Deluxe to Rajasthan Rifles’ Cricket Tournament and ‘A Night in Buenos Aires’ featuring the best from our team, we gave guests a reason to celebrate, get fed, have a few drinks and just enjoy what they were doing for a minute.”

Tabish Dar, attended the Great Rajasthan Rifles Cricket Tournament
“What a fun afternoon out on the pitch. We enjoyed the Anglo-Indian snacks, drinks and friendly competition all around. Our team, Gucci Gang, rallied to give it our best shot—and we were so grateful to have the support of friends and family cheering us on. It reminded me how much I love to play cricket and I look forward to taking another swing at the trophy next year!”

Chef Gizzy Alesbrook, Head Chef Hotal Colombo
“The highlight of the summer was bringing Hikkaduwa Beach to Hong Kong! Sri Lanka is really an island and being at the beach, eating seafood and drinking beer with friends and family, was just like being back home. With Colombo Crab Club at the Beach we were able to bring a relaxed, casual atmosphere, giving guests a little taste of the laid-back Sri Lankan culture while they watched the sunset.”

Chef Theign, Head Chef Le Garçon Saigon
“Our aim with Le Festival de Saigon was to transport people to warm summer nights spent sipping beers and enjoying fresh seafood along the canals of Ho Chi Minh—a nostalgic memory for myself, and many of our guests. We wanted to celebrate the diversity of flavours and fresh ingredients from the summer season in Saigon and present something new and exciting to our regulars.”

Jayson Williams, attended Club Genesis at Crown Super Deluxe
“We love to visit Crown Super Deluxe for its regal and celebratory atmosphere, but this event really elevated the vibes. The mood was electric—we went with a small group of friends, and after savouring the incredible meal, it wasn’t long before we were all out on the dance floor (thanks in no small part to the free-flow)!”

Marc Hofmann, Director of Guest Experience
“Our Summer Festival kicked off back in April with Primavera ad Amalfi, a pop-up restaurant that brought something completely unique and fresh to the city. We transformed Tai Kwun’s historic Magistracy building to evoke the charms of the Amalfi Coast—complete with an outdoor market and dessert under the stars—and were able to give our guests a truly immersive experience.”

Rohan Sunar, Bar Manager at Buenos Aires Polo Club
“There is no drink more elegant or timeless than the martini, and it is really a focus of our bar programme here at Buenos Aires Polo Club. This summer, we decided to invite guests behind our bar to learn how to craft the perfect martini, from choosing the right garnish to stirring technique and terminology. Hopefully, they picked up all the skills they need to recreate the Polo Club experience at home!”

Michael Denmark, attended Primavera ad Amalfi
“My wife and I often attend Crown Super Deluxe for dinner, but earlier this summer she convinced me to go to Primavera ad Amalfi with some of our friends. It was an absolutely delightful night, we were completely transported out of Hong Kong to what felt like the Amalfi Coast.”

Amy Stott, Director of Service SoHo
“I was so happy that our SoHo Cellar Strolls sold out in basically a day. The whole event had a great vibe—there were people flowing between the restaurants, and taking advantage of the chance to get a small taste of the variety of restaurants that we have in SoHo. It was a whirlwind journey around the world, in the span of a few hours.”


Missed out this year? Stay tuned for the return of Summer Festival next year as we celebrate our 10-year anniversary with bigger, brand-new experiences and an unforgettable line-up of events!

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