An Anglo-Indian mess hall

Rajasthan Rifles is an exploration into the coming together of two cultures. Anglo-Indian cuisine is the delicious by-product of a fragile period in history. One of the first places that these two cuisines met was in the army. In the 1920s the British Indian Army stationed in the subcontinent started accepting Officers of Indian heritage and the mess halls were where everyone came together to eat but also to socialise and connect. While the relationship between the two nations was fraught, the cuisines came together in a surprisingly harmonious and lasting manner. Rajasthan Rifles is Black Sheep Restaurant’s salute to what we imagine their Officers’ mess hall was serving.


Chef Palash Mitra expertly weaves the subtle narratives of South Asian cuisine and the area's regional histories into his approach. His menu at Rajasthan Rifles celebrates Anglo-Indian fare and highlights the influential ways these ingredients and dishes, from chutney to curry, complement each other and have defined this cuisine.

G/F, The Peak Galleria, The Peak, Hong Kong
+852 2388 8874‬

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