Refined coastal Italian fare

Osteria Marzia is a coastal Italian restaurant inspired by the colourful and diverse cuisine of the nation’s scenic seaside regions. From Campania through Amalfi and Puglia to southern Sicily, flavours vary along the coast. A menu representing these cooking traditions is proudly served in a lofty dining room, accented with nautical design and details reminiscent of a sunny maritime holiday in Italy.


Hailing from Varese, near Milan, Chef Luca Marinelli brings his extensive knowledge and respect for the traditions of Italian cuisine to the table. His work pays tribute to the sacred rite of seasonal eating that defines his Italian culture. Showcasing a deep understanding of flavour and the seasonality of Italy’s scenic seaside region, Marinelli presents seasonally focused dishes at Osteria Marzia that showcase his proud Italian heritage, finessed cooking style and love of immaculate seafood.

G/F, The Fleming, 41 Fleming Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
+852 3607 2253

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