26-28 Elgin Street, SoHo, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2177 3544
Mon to Wed : 6pm - 10:45pm
Thu & Sat: 6pm - 11:45pm
Sun: 12-10pm
About Soul Food Thai

Soul Food Thai is a neighbourhood Thai kitchen inspired by the rich food culture of Thailand and its distinctive regional cuisines. The menu pays homage to the vibrant local dishes of Bangkok’s famous, yet fast disappearing shophouse restaurants. From North to South, Thailand’s favourite dishes are enhanced through the use of fresh, quality ingredients in a vibrant yet homey space, conveniently located on bustling Elgin street. Lively and fun, Soul Food Thai emphasises flavour over tradition, and honours the past without being bound by it.


Former journalist and restaurant critic, Jarrett Wrisley, moved to Thailand in 2008 and became inspired by the country's cuisine. For over a year, he set out on a quest across the country to find the best recipes. He learned traditional cooking methods and studied each dish with the attention to detail of a journalist, and the passion of a chef—absorbing their history as a way of understanding his adopted nation.

In 2010, he opened Soul Food Mahanakorn, in Bangkok, a restaurant based on his travels and his love of Thai culture. Serving simple, yet delicious, Thai comfort dishes, the restaurant soon became a favourite of locals and visitors alike, including Black Sheep Restaurants’ Co-Founders Christopher Mark and Syed Asim Hussain. Wrisley officially joined the Black Sheep Restaurants’ family in September 2016, with the opening of Soul Food Thai, his first international venture.

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