An all day Lebanese canteen

Designed to reference the forgotten beauty of 1960's Beirut, 'The Paris of The Middle East', Maison Libanaise seamlessly transports guests back to a time of nourishing fare and familial hospitality. Boasting three distinctive offerings, the vertical space was created to showcase the warming nature of Lebanese culture and the vibrancy of its food.

On entry, Le Comptoir offers kebabs, salads and sides on the go, while above, Le Salon presents a more intimate option with a menu of hot and cold mezze, accompanied by Asia’s leading Lebanese wine list. Finally, hidden away from the hustle of Central Hong Kong sits La Buvette – a cooling rooftop oasis in the heart of the city.


Hailing from Beirut, Jad Youssef grew up in his mother’s kitchen. Alongside time spent in his father’s traditional Lebanese pastry shop, this instilled his country’s food culture in his veins.

Youssef spent years in London, opening Beirut street food spot Yalla Yalla in 2009 following a stint at world-renowned Lebanese restaurant Fakhreldine. Yalla Yalla garnered glowing reviews from press who recognised Youssef’s Sawda Djej, a chicken liver mezze dish, as one of ‘The Best 100 Dishes in London’ in 2012.

10 Shelley Street, SoHo, Hong Kong
+852 2111 2284

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