A timeless London restaurant

Inspired by some of London’s oldest restaurants, powerful dining rooms steeped in heritage and history, where the community might have frequented for special occasions and where the grand settings are as notable as the food and elegantly dressed captains are the performers and stars of the show.


At the helm of the kitchen is Executive Chef Matthew Kirkley. Ardent lover of all culinary things, his unwavering dedication to the art of cooking and the place it has in history has inspired a menu that gives a nod to the London institutions that influenced the restaurant. Kirkley brings a passion for clean, precise execution and top-quality ingredients to the table while at the core of the menu is a true nostalgia for well-prepared, well-executed dishes that can be enjoyed time and time again.

1 Arbuthnot Road, Tai Kwun, Hong Kong
+852 2252 3177

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