16 Wing Fung Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
(852) 2455 2499
Mon - Sun: 12 - 8:30pm
About Le Petit Saigon

Le Petit Saigon (little brother and next door neighbour to Saigonese grill house, Le Garçon Saigon) serves up the city’s most authentic Banh Mi Thit. Like the best Banh Mi Thit shops in Vietnam, Le Petit Saigon keeps its menu limited to three items, and like most typical Banh Mi shops, the sandwiches are offered for takeaway only - there is no indoor seating but guests are encouraged to perch on the stoop outside and enjoy their sandwiches curbside as they do in Vietnam.


Chef Bao La brings a passion for the flavours of his Vietnamese heritage to Le Garçon Saigon. Bao’s mother, Chieu Thi Le, fled Saigon post-war to Brisbane, where she opened the town’s first Vietnamese restaurant, Kim Thanh, and created a hub for both immigrants and locals while carrying on the traditions of her home. Bao showed a keen interest in his mother’s cooking and grew up helping in the restaurant. While she put a heavy emphasis on traditional Vietnamese dishes, Bao would experiment with new techniques and ingredients, which shaped his inimitable cooking style.

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