A Chinese restaurant with a Hong Kong heart

Embodying the core ethos of the old Ho Lee Fook, marked by boundary-breaking flavours and buzzing energy, Ho Lee Fook 2.0 enters a coming-of-age proudly bearing its Hong Kong spirit as the team leans heavily into the restaurant’s roots, presenting a menu shaped by a deep love and appreciation for Cantonese cuisine. Having always been a flagbearer for the city, the restaurant experience will become more sophisticated and luxurious, but will forever remain a place where diners can expect a boisterous, lively experience with unrivalled hospitality.


A Hong Kong native, Chef ArChan spent the formative years of her career refining her technique and expanding her cooking knowledge in two of the world’s greatest restaurant cities, Melbourne and Singapore. After over 13 years abroad developing her culinary finesse and delving into the seasonality and quality of different produce, she returned to Hong Kong in 2021.

Her return to Hong Kong brings a sense of harmony and homecoming to her next chapter, one where her expertise and imagination lend themselves to evolving Cantonese cuisine and creating memorable moments for her home community.

3-5 Elgin Street, SoHo, Hong Kong
+852 2810 0860

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