Chasing the unforgettable energy of Napoli

FALCONE is a deep dive into the frenetic energy, animated streets, and simple food made fatto a mano of Campania’s capital, where life is embraced in all of its colours and emotions – the highs and the lows; the romance and the grit.The muted chatter that turns into incoherent shouting, and the friendly honks of mopeds haphazardly weaving in and out, Napoli would not be Napoli without all of its chaotic joy.


Napoli is the birthplace of the pizza and of Head Chef Roberta De Sario. Spending over a decade refining her craft in some of the world’s most distinguished food cities, from Napoli to Paris, she now introduces the neo-Neapolitan style of pizza to Hong Kong – a style of pizza making born from a new generation that stems from the same great city: Napoli.

Good timing and a knack for chasing life and all it has to offer steered Chef Josh Stumbaugh into his next adventure: a research trip to Florence with us. As with any good story, the next step is always right around the corner. Alongside Chef Roberta, Josh is now at the helm of FALCONE.

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