A lavish teppanyaki affair

Crown Super Deluxe melds the refinement and luxury of a Kobe teppanyaki with a dash of Rocky Aoki’s American dream. A trip back in time, the space features an opulent dining room showcasing three teppans surrounded by luxurious fabrics and rich hues. Afterwards, guests can dine on retro French patisseries away in a secluded lounge boasting a wide selection of signature Japanese whiskies and American bourbons.


Toru Takano first fell in love with hospitality in his home town of Niigita City, where he found joy in both cooking and meeting new people. With close to 15 years of teppanyaki experience, his practice is rooted in the Japanese tradition of omotenashi, which roughly means to look wholeheartedly after guests. Dining at his teppans is an escape from everyday reality, where the smells and sights allow guests to enjoy the experience with their five senses.

Mezzanine, LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong
+852 2111 8434

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