Founded in 2012 by Syed Asim Hussain, Black Sheep is Asia’s most compelling hospitality movement with over 35 brands built on connected storytelling and a deep love for the people, places, times, and memories that inspired them. At the intersection of art, culture, innovation and hospitality, Black Sheep crafts narrative-driven experiences that have revolutionised the hospitality industry in Hong Kong, the city it calls home, and abroad.

We are always looking for new team members to join our dynamic community. Start your story with us today.


Wine and Beverage

We believe in full dining experiences, lubricated by generous pours from our creative beverage team curating the drinks.


Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear chef whites. Our kitchen team is the engine of our well-oiled machine.


Out on the front lines, we go above and beyond to serve our guests. Our floor team are the ones who make it happen.


Taking Black Sheep to the streets of Hong Kong, GO is our premium delivery service, spreading the love from East to West.

Support Team

Base Station is our home turf, where teams such as Communications, Design, People and Culture, and Finance support the restaurants.


Great leaders lead by example, and our Management team embodies our values. They are on the front lines and continuously pushing forward with our vision and belief in the family; they are world-class leaders.

If you are unable to attend our recruitment event, use the form below to tell us your story.


Roxy, Service Training Manager

Team Benefits

Family Feast

Families that eat together, stay together and we all know that hospitality starts at home. Which is why we offer $50 meal sets in certain restaurants and discounts across the whole community. Our community takes care of one another, so look out for added perks and curated experiences in our restaurants. Get ready to sink your teeth in and experience the best dining in Hong Kong.

Training and Development

We welcome new team members through The Herding, our curated induction programme. Throughout your time with us, we offer skills-based training to build and develop the teams’ ability to deliver excellent guest experience. Knowledge is power and we share ours with the help of our dedicated Training and Development team.

Party With Us

We throw an annual team party to celebrate our successes together. All restaurants shut their doors so everyone is invited. This is a day to feast and have fun. We deserve it!

Work Hard, Play Harder!

We are a community above all else and a community is only as strong as its weakest link, so we do what we can to build each other up. Dodgeball, Touch Rugby, Football, Basketball and our legendary Dragon Boat team are just a few of our team activities. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

Stronger Together

We take pride in our collective heritage and our stories. This is why we aim to serve our community together. Every quarter, we extend our family to Hong Kong’s 116-year-old Sikh temple and community kitchen in Wan Chai. Reaching out globally, we provide care and support for those who need it most, such as an orphanage in Pakistan and the victims of the 2019 Sri Lanka terrorist attacks. Taking care of others is a core principle we enact and hope to cultivate within our teams.


Located in the heart of where our story started, our Team Canteen is situated just off Staunton Street in SoHo and is dedicated entirely to our team of 1,000 strong. Team members can relax or take a break between shifts while enjoying a daily complimentary meal from a rotating menu developed by our talented chefs. As part of the project, we have built a top-of-the-line kitchen and bar that serves as an R&D space for new concepts.

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