Tips for capturing your most-liked food instagram

The most important thing about dining out is the Instagram, right?

Here are some tips and tricks from experts in the field on capturing that money shot.

#1: Natural lighting

There is no chance of getting that winning shot in a dark restaurant. Instagram influencer @ctunglee suggests opting for natural light, even if you end up walking your starter out into the street… if that’s not an option, grab a friend’s phone and shine a spotlight. (Pro tip: wrap a napkin around the phone’s light for a diffused glow.)

#2: Set the stage

Crumbs and crumpled napkins are not going to score you the likes. Take the time to compose your shot, even if you do get the side-eye from other diners… @simplyb313 suggests using leading lines, whether it’s the edge of a table or the lines in the wallpaper, to make sure your audience’s eyes are drawn towards your dish.

#3: Anyone know a hand model?

So you’ve got the lighting and you’ve got the composition. @doppiodrea says it’s now time to add a human element. Whether it’s a hand holding a chopstick or the ‘chin-chining’ of a wine glass, movement creates intrigue and adds another aspect to the shot.

#4: Creativity is key

There are so many food-focused accounts out there, so how can you make yours stands out from the crowd? Food influencer @engelauren started her photography career in fashion where she learnt a lot about composition and the importance of training the eye. She enforces the need to ‘get to know your food,’ but also urges to never stop learning to expand your creative repertoire. She constantly researches, reads magazines and trials new styles to keep content fresh.

#5: Define your colour palette

Once you’re set on the style your feed will take, @fatasslovesfood suggests spending some time considering your colour palette. Stick to a clear range of colours, tones and textures for each of your food shots. That way your entire feed is consistent and palatable.

#6: If all else fails… cheat!

There are heaps of post-production apps that can save your shot. From Snapseed and VSCO to Filterstorm Neue and Enlight, the app store is overflowing with easy-to-use tools to colour correct, filter, crop and define your images.

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