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Two years ago, we launched GO, a premium in-house delivery service, as a way to manage the entire process; from our kitchens to your doorsteps. Doing so allowed us to tailor each step, bringing all the spirit and story behind your favourite restaurants to your homes via delivery. In a world of food delivery giants, we dared to be different. And now we are proud to say we have become a major disruptor within the food delivery ecosystem in the city. This month, not only are we proud to reveal a brand new look but with intuitive navigation and streamlined order experience with real-time tracking, you will always know exactly where your next meal is. Bringing home your favourites from Black Sheep Restaurants is about to get even easier, elevating your at-home dining experience further.

Designed by tech companies, delivery apps have always had a very clinical and sales-lead approach to the guest experience. Our ambition with GO was to create an app that was designed through the lens of a hospitality team, considering the entire restaurant experience and turning what was previously a solely transactional experience into a journey built with the same care and consideration that goes into every one of our restaurants. We aim to turn what we do best in-house into a digitally-lead, yet hospitality-centred ordering experience. The challenge of building our own delivery platform was not without hurdles, but the belief that an experience with the guest coming first could be created is what continued to push the growth and development of GO in a way that could not have been achieved with third-party apps.

When the pandemic hit, we entered an unprecedented fight for survival and delivery became more important than ever. Thanks to the foresight of our founders, Syed Asim Hussain and Christopher Mark, who never wanted to be reliant on an external party for delivering their hospitality, we had our very own means of survival under our own roof in the form of GO. At a time where other small independent operators and restaurant groups had to turn to the big aggregators for delivery, who for much of this pandemic have refused to lower their 30% commissions, having a delivery system has been a silver lining for us in an otherwise turbulent time. 

We stand firm in the belief that brick and mortar restaurants are here to stay, that delivery can only offer a taste of the magic experienced within the four walls of our restaurants. Still, it is clear that we, and the whole industry, will not come out of the COVID-19 pandemic the same. With the ever-changing regulations and restrictions on in-restaurant dining, our ability to pivot the business to an entirely delivery based platform allowed us to make all our restaurants available via GO and launch our very first weeknight meal delivery program, Supper Cult. Doing so has been a lifeline for us.


GO has had an upgrade, update or download GO now to bring the best of Black Sheep Restaurants directly to your door. Need a little advice on how to set the stage for a dinner to remember at home? We have a few tips and tricks for dining with us at your own table here.


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