Q&A with Peter’s Seafood Trading Company

Peter’s Seafood Trading Company is one of Hong Kong’s premiere seafood suppliers.

Owner Peter Kam took over his family’s business 10 years ago when he was just 21 years old, and has grown the company to provide some of the city’s top restaurants with high-quality seafood.

How did you get started in the seafood industry?

My family fished for a living, and I have loved fishing since I was young. After graduating, I worked in the marketing industry and realised I missed fishing, so I decided to take over my family’s business.

Our major customers were traditionally seafood shops at the wet markets. I started meeting chefs of Western restaurants that would come to the markets, and we started supplying them seafood directly. Many Western restaurants used to buy seafood from overseas suppliers flown to Hong Kong, but they wanted to work with my company because our seafood is local and very fresh.

What do you enjoy about your career?

Seafood has seasons just like produce, so you see different sea life all the time. There is always something new to learn about.

I also like fishing, and one of the most memorable fishing experiences was catching a 10kg big sea bass in Tuen Mun. I brought it back by car and raised it in our fishery.

But my favourite thing about my job is helping restaurants and chefs get great seafood. I feel so happy when they tell me the guests love the fish.

Where do you source your seafood?

We catch some of the fish ourselves and then also get it from local fishermen. Our squid, sea bass and grouper come from areas near Pratas Islands, and the baby squid served at Ho Lee Fook from near Lamma Island.

What makes your seafood stand out?

We raise seafood in our fishery so we can make sure it is fresh, high-quality and free of any impurities. We have a depuration system where we keep the fish once we catch them to purge any contaminants or sand. The depuration system is designed by an Australian professor and a professor from the University of Hong Kong and uses ozone instead of UV to depurate the seafood. It can process 500kg to 1000kg seafood daily and usually takes one to two days for the whole process. Some seafood from around China contains ammonia, so this process is very important. We always make sure our seafood is at the best status before selling.

What is your favourite seafood?

We have many types of fish, squid and clams based on the season. I like eating fish from different places, especially Red Grouper and Spotted-tail Morwong. I used to fish Spotted-tail Morwong but it is now getting rare.

How do you feel Hong Kong’s fishing industry is changing?

The industry is deteriorating now. Everybody wants high-qualify seafood while it is getting more difficult to find. There arefewers people who want to work in this industry and the supply mainly relies on mainland China, which is not as good.

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