One Last Pour, Part Two

While ‘what would your last meal be?’ is the more common query, it is the less frequently asked, but more intriguing, ‘what would your last drink be?’ that is of interest. One’s last meal would be pretty lacklustre without an exquisite glass of wine, an ice-cold beer or a whip-you-around-the-bar cocktail to wash it all down. We asked our experts and they had some strong opinions about their final tipples. After all, if you are going to go, you may as well go all out.

Shunsuke Yoshikawa, Whisky Expert at Black Sheep Restaurants

This is an easy one, hands down I would pour myself a glass of The Macallan M. This whisky is very personal, not because of its hefty price tag, but because it is the drink that started it all for me. I was first introduced to The Macallan M in Tokyo when a guest brought it in. He poured me one glass and said, “Please taste this whisky, then get to know its story and teach me about it.” That experience sparked my journey into whisky knowledge and to this day it is the best whisky I have ever had in my life (and I taste a lot of good whisky!). 


Chiara Vezzani, Sommelier at Carbone

If the world were coming to an end, my last drink ever would be… wine! I know that is an obvious choice, but my profession really does stem from passion. More specifically, I would choose a Frappato from Sicily. This is a bottle from the Occhipinti winery that I absolutely love. It has a rich cherry hue, crisp taste and is low in tannins. This wine is relatively cheap, so the real draw comes from my own experiences with it, having been to Sicily many times and developing a love affair with the place, food and people. 


Sam Lebel, Beverage Expert at Taqueria Super Macho

Maybe it is all the time I spend at Taqueria Super Macho, but my last drink would be a Tequila Negroni made with Ocho Blanco tequila. This is my favourite cocktail and an unexpected twist on an Italian classic. People are always surprised at the addition of tequila in a Negroni, but after just one sip they understand. A traditional Negroni can be quite bitter, but tequila brings another level of earthiness to the flavour profile. It rounds out the cocktail, making it a fuller, more enjoyable drinking experience, packed with interesting layers and flavours. Time for my final drink? Salud!


William Mountford, Sommelier at Carbone

If and when I am to face my mortal demise, you can bet I will be sipping on a glass (or several) of 2000 Ridge Monte Bello from the Sant Cruz Mountains in California. This quintessential American wine is very special to me. It reminds me of the fear and unrivalled excitement I felt (and learnt to embrace) in 2000 during my final year of college in Berkeley, California, located just a few miles up from the Monte Bello vineyard. Coincidentally, the 2000 Ridge Monte Bello is now available at Carbone, giving it an added layer of sentimental value for that fateful day of reckoning.

JD Atehortua, Beverage Expert at Black Sheep Restaurants

My last drink would be a classic Piña Colada because you might as well feel like you are on a beach holiday during your last moments. Piña Coladas are beautiful, tropical, refreshing and always a crowd-pleaser.

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