Movie Matches | Part One

As ordering in and spending the night on the couch watching a movie has become standard, why not take your cinematic experience to the next level by curating your choice of film to your food? All of our restaurants tell stories, so get ready to cosy up with our movie recs for your night in.


Carbone – Goodfellas

As if an explanation is even needed… If you want to take your Spicy Rig to the next level, we recommend eating it while watching one of the most important and celebrated mobster movies of all time. A marriage of art and entertainment, inviting mafiosos to your couch, with a Veal Parm and Mario’s Meatballs – is there anything more iconic? The red sauce juggernaut brings the glitz, Goodfellas brings the grit. 


Burger Circus – Back to the Future 

SoHo’s all-American diner embodies the 1950s, referencing those that operated out of abandoned railway cars and served the classics till late. Retro and convivial, you probably jumped onto an order of burgers, fries and a good old-fashioned shake. Now the time has come to choose what to watch. Why not get in the spirit of way back when with a cult classic – Back to the Future (the first one, of course). Make like Marty McFly and time travel to the 1950s on your plate and on your screen. 


Osteria Marzia – La Dolce Vita

A two-hour passport to sunny days, beauty and long, leisurely meals awaits with every morsel of the coastal Italian fare you are about to enjoy. Fulfil the scenic journey with Federico Fellini’s 1960s comedy-drama showcasing the unparalleled beauty of Ms. Anita Ekberg and the irresistible charm of Marcello Mastroianni. From start to finish, tap into the sweet life with Osteria Marzia’s colourful and diverse cuisine from the nation’s scenic seaside regions while revelling in the decadent display of Italian high society.


New Punjab Club – The Darjeeling Limited

Bold, quirky, unapologetic. No judgement if you were unsure if we were describing the Wes Anderson cinematic sojourn across India or the boisterous tandoor grill house on Wyndham Street. Both fantastical, visually stunning and packed with just enough whimsy to elevate your spirits, make your own ‘accidentally Wes Anderson’ moment at home and pair your New Punjab Club order with a movie brimming with vibrance and emotions. It is a journey, after all.


Soul Food Thai – Ong-Bak 

Proudly Thai, action-packed and the trilogy that shot Tony Jaa to fame, Ong-Bak follows the story of a Thai warrior (brilliantly portrayed by Jaa) destined to right a series of wrongs, catalysed when a sacred statue is kidnapped from his village. The movie is an icon in Jaa’s career, with critical appreciation for its no-fuss, no stunt-doubles production. Ong-Bak portrays Jaa’s signature martial arts moves and cheeky attitude, kicking and punching like the spice in SoHo’s shophouse favourites, making this a worthy companion to Soul Food Thai. Order in, get cosy and prepare to be flawed by one of the greatest Thai films ever made while enjoying the rich food culture and diversity of the region. 


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