How to be a good bar regular

bar team for their tips to attain ‘Cheers’ status where everyone knows your name and there’s always a cold one waiting:

Find your spot. Find a laid-back, nearby bar with a selection that won’t make you bored or broke. It should also be versatile; someplace where you can get civilized drinks or have a raucous night.

Sidle up. Park it at the bar for face-time with the team. That said, you’ll be right in the middle of the action, so Joennee from Buenos Aires Polo Club says be considerate with your convo if the team is slammed.

Otherwise, chat it up. Axel Gonzalez, the master mixologist at BELON, says that it’s all about relationships. If you want to be accepted as a good bar regular, you’ve got to get to know the bartender. Find out about their likes, dislikes… you never know, you may just make a friend outside of the bar whilst you’re at it. (Psst incase you were wondering, his favourite cocktail is the Martinez, hint hint.)

Positivity is everything. Behind the bar can get stressful on busy nights, so JD, a bartender and rum expert at Carbone, says his favourite bar regulars simply bring a smile and inject some positivity to the bar.

Mind your Ps and Qs. Even if you become buds with the whole crew, remember to be respectful and gracious. Stay on your side of the bar and don’t violate the sacred divide, even if you have the best intentions with trying to help. Also, acting like you deserve special perks will guarantee you won’t get any.

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