Fool-proof Tommy’s Margarita Recipe

To many, drinking tequila means pounding down shots or hiding it in sugary mixers. But in Jalisco, tequila is a drink to be savoured like a fine whisky, enjoyed straight up neat or with a few rocks.

This fool-proof Tommy’s Margarita recipe from our friends at Taqueria Super Macho pays respect to the spirit with just two added ingredients that enhance its natural flavours. As they say in Mexico, you do not shoot tequila, you kiss it.


  • 60 mL 100% agave tequila blanco. We recommend Centenario Plata or Centenario Reposado
  • 30 mL lime juice
  • 15 mL agave syrup


  • Add all ingredients together in a cocktail shaker and shake with ice.
  • Strain into a rock glass rimmed with salt and garnish with a lime wheel.

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