Where to Find the Best Steak in Buenos Aires

There’s a saying that the only part of the cow the Argentines don’t eat is the “moo.” Argentina without steak would be like Italy without pasta, Hong Kong without dumplings, Mexico without tacos…you get the point.

So what makes Argentinian beef so great? The picturesque rolling pampas are prime real estate for cattle to graze freely, feasting on an endless pasture of green grass under the South American sun.

Beef in Argentina is carefully treated by home and professional cooks alike in the county’s famed asado tradition. This differs from the quick-searing method we’re used to finding at steakhouses, as the meat is simply seasoned and slowly cooked over a charcoal grill, giving it a nice char on the outside and an even, rosy colour on the inside. It’s this combination of the finest meat and a distinctive cooking method, entrenched in Argentina’s culinary culture, that gives the country’s steak a very special place in the hearts of meat-lovers worldwide.

While it’s really not that hard to find a good steak in the Argentine capital, here are the parillas, or grills as the gringos say, where you will find the best steak in Buenos Aires.


So much about this place is special—from the empty wine bottle-clad walls to the old school waiters, it just feels like it has stories to tell. The staff know the menu inside out—perhaps because it hasn’t changed in decades and neither have they. They know what’s good, which is pretty much everything, and don’t leave here without trying the skirt steak.

Guatemala 4699, 1425 CABA, Argentina

Phone: +54 11 4832-6058


Football fans and steak lovers, rejoice. This place has more than one thousand football jerseys, banners, flags and other memorabilia proudly displayed on the restaurant walls, but the premium steak is the real champion.

Estados Unidos 465, C1101AAJ Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Phone: +54 11 4361-4685


This cheap, cheerful and authentic parilla is a favourite among Buenos Aires locals. The hefty portions of steak come with fried-egg-topped-fries, so come hungry.

Fitz Roy 1795, C1414CHY CABA, Argentina

Phone: +54 11 5197-5303

One last piece of advice: even the best steak becomes better when accompanied by good wine and good friends. Disfrute!

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