Hong Kong's Original Pizzeria Napoletana

Motorino is a Neapolitan pizzeria that uses the highest quality ingredients available flown in from Naples. With custom-made Steffano Ferrara ovens, dough made throughout the day and the finest ingredients, every pizza delivered is a testament to the dedication and hard work behind the artistry of Neapolitan pizza. Traditional favourites, including the much loved Margherita and Soppressata Piccante, sit alongside more playful options showcasing local ingredients while the entire menu is rounded out with approachable antipasti and classic Italian desserts. Motorino Hong Kong has two locations: one off the escalator in the heart of SoHo and another on Ship Street in Wan Chai.


With technical prowess being at the heart of the Neapolitan pizza-making tradition, our skilled pizzaiolos Chefs Luca Marinelli and Rocco Longo, both Italian-born, have an inherent respect and passion for the art of pizza-making. Between the two, there is a plethora of time spent studying and perfecting the skills needed to bring the same level of excellence found in Napoli to the community of pizza lovers in Hong Kong.

14 Shelley Street, SoHo, Hong Kong
+852 2801 6881
15 Ship Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
+852 2520 0690

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